Celestial mapmaking

For my final year project I've been working on plenty of illustrations (you can find them on this section of my site) now that I've nailed down all the research I've done over the past two semesters on Greco-Roman mythological figures.

This has been one of the more intense, complex projects I've ever worked on while in university and because of the need to quickly distill my research into digestible pieces for my upcoming critique I've come to rely on mapmaking in showing the depth of my reading and the areas of interest that I've touched on while putting the project together.

I made this map to explain the research areas that inspired the aesthetic and content of my project, based on my fascination with planetary systems:

While continuing work on the Moirae Deck, which I've also integrated into my project, I needed a simple way to explain how the figures I feature in the cards are related to one another as well as a means of deriving a numeric system for my card deck à la the traditional 76-card tarot. Greek mythological family trees are terribly complicated, so I produced an abridged map:

I wouldn't mind going into more depth with mapmaking and expanding my repertoire of things I can do with the visual techniques I know. Unfortunately work calls and I do have to finish the startling amount of illustrations I have yet to complete or polish. I'll be dedicating a section of my site to my final year project as soon as it's complete, and the temporary page I have at the moment will be adapted to fit the final content. Cheers!